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many workshops offered are part of an ongoing series of trainings. some classes you can pick and choose, some must be taken in order. please note session requirements for each of these workshops. in addition to the projects and initiatives and original workshops, the following are workshop series currently offered: * the six keys (children's mental health) * developing your family child care business (business) * good talking with you (language) * play power (importance of play) * the whole child (developmental) * the power of positive communication (communication) * creative curriculum (curriculum, environment, play related) * parenting counts: focus on early learning * dollars & sense (business) * many right ways (environment) tkw consulting can also offer customized training. the six keys: strategies for promoting children’s mental health in early childhood programs this program from the center for inclusive child care provides support to early childhood practitioners through training and educational opportunities around the emotional development of children. it is a holistic approach that helps practitioners examine their role in children's mental health, as well as environment, temperament, risk factors, and resilience. this course consists of a series of seven 2-4 hour workshops, which include theories of emotional development, resilience, self-regulation, temperament, and many useful strategies for the early childhood setting. training is appropriate for child care, head start, special education, learning readiness, and early childhood providers and educators. 1. why all the fuss about a child's emotional development? 2. how do we give children a strong start? 3. why do children act the way they do? 4. how to teach children to know their own engines. 5. what does it mean to be "at risk"? 6. making and keeping friends. 7. tools for promoting children's mental health (previous six sessions attendance is recommended) more info developing your family child care business developing your family child care business™ is an 8-module, facilitator-led interactive learning process for individuals wanting to launch and grow successful family child care businesses. the program, available in english or spanish, covers topics that help participants think and act as business owners. participants create a clear blueprint for building sustainable businesses that serve the needs of the parents and children as well as the community. module 1: exploring business ownership module 2: managing & organizing my child care business module 3: defining my family child care services module 4: analyzing the family child care business market module 5: promoting my family child care business module 6: keeping track of finances module 7: operating my family child care business module 8: celebrating my accomplishments! more info good talking with you a series of 5 two hour classes dealing with language acquisition through conversation. it shows how to nurture language through conversations- conversations that teach, inform and build strong bonds and vital communication skills. [*these workshops recommended for parent education classes.] the 5 two hour sessions must be taken in order. session 1: oh say what they see session 2: let's talk session 3: now you're talking session 4: between you and me session 5: space to grow more info play power this series of 2 two to three hour classes deal with the importance of play. children learn core cognitive, language, social-emotional, and motor skills through everyday play. these dvd based classes show how adults can support and encourage play for deeper learning. ages 1-6 years. session 1: child's play shows how children at play continually experiment, discover, and stretch to learn more. session2: time together teaches how to join play, keep children involved, and encourage the natural process of learning that's part of every play experience. more info many right ways successful family child care providers believe that their environment sets the stage for the kind of care they offer children. but environments don't all have to be the same. in many right ways, we see a variety of rich child care settings that reflect how each home, group of children, and program is individual. engaged children and experienced providers illustrate hundreds of ways to design unique, quality, home-based environments. covering such topics as learning areas and materials; the family's adaptations to and for childcare; outdoor space health, safety, and routines; communicating with families; and accessibility and storage. these classes are excellent training for current and new providers. 3 two hour sessions session 1: planning for your space session 2: setting up for child directed play session 3: creating activity areas more info the whole child: a caregivers guide to the first five years a series of 13 two hour workshops giving you the latest information about child development and childcare for the critical years from birth to the age of five. each session is comprised of a 1/2 hour video about an area of early childhood development for early childhood professionals, caregivers, and parents and 1 and 1/2 hours of coordinated training. [*these workshops recommended for parent education classes.] the whole child is taught in a series of 13 - two hour workshops. you can take any or all workshops in any order. workshops include: it's the little things the importance of a well-ordered and predictable environment. by leaps and bounds physical development and appropriate developmental activities, good health practices, and environmental safety. babies are children, too the special concerns when caring for infants in groups and the importance of nurturing care. dealing with feelings activities that promote emotional health in family relations, self-expression, and dealing with frustration and stress. i'm glad i'm me recognizing children's accomplishments and offering opportunities for individual choice. listening to families ways to help families deal with everyday problems and life crises. everybody's special working with children who have special educational needs. getting along together childhood social development and ways to enhance a child's social competence. building inner controls guiding children in controlling themselves and finding acceptable ways to express their aggressive feelings. respecting diversity how prejudice develops and how to respect cultural differences. creativity and play the relationship of creativity to self-worth and self-expression. let's talk about it the process of language acquisition and methods for increasing language competence. growing minds two approaches to developing mental ability: the conventional approach and what is currently known as emergent curriculum. more info the power of positive communication provided as a 6 hour training or three 2 hour workshops, these training sessions will demonstrate how to give positive messages, make sure children understand and provide extra support when they don't. learners practice giving positive messages, reflect on their own experiences, do interactive exercises and develop action plans for taking new skills and strategies into their classrooms and child care settings. the three 2 hour sessions must be taken in order. session 1: first steps to positive communication what is a "do message"? how to give a clear message. why "do messages" work. session 2: strengthen your communication nonverbal communication counts check for understanding session 3: the impact of language on classrooms exploring the "feeling tone". negative + negative = negative tools for classroom management more info creative curriculum™ what is a "curriculum" and what can it offer you? a curriculum is a plan for your program. it helps you understand how children grow and provides practical ideas for organizing your home and planning activities that will help children develop. it is a framework for what actually happens in a planned environment when children interact with materials, with other children, and with adults. creative curriculum™ will make your job as a family child care provider easier and more rewarding. creative curriculum™ is taught in a series of 13 - two hour workshops. you can take some or all workshops in any order. workshops include: introduction to creative curriculum™ to introduce curriculum, it's importance in early care, and how to implement it. child development as a foundation for a high-quality program to gain an understanding of how children think and learn at each stage of development. setting the stage to assist in establishing an appropriate and interesting home environment and in managing their daily program. dramatic play to develop appreciation for the importance of dramatic play and to learn ways of encouraging imaginative play in family child care. blocks to emphasize the importance of block play for children of all ages. toys to demonstrate how to select and use toys that support development in infants, toddlers, preschoolers, and school-age children. art to encourage providers to use all kinds of art media to promote children's creativity and self-esteem. books to inspire an interest in high-quality children's books and identify effective ways to use books in a family child care setting. sand and water to encourage family child care providers to include sand and water activities in their programs. cooking to show how cooking experiences can be incorporated easily into a program that involves children of all ages. music and movement to introduce participants to a variety of creative ways to include music and movement activities in their daily program. outdoor play to show how outdoor environment offers a wide range of learning opportunities for children. building partnerships with parents to provide a form for parents and providers to share concerns and identify strategies for working together in a partnership. more info parenting counts: focus on early learning these workshops are written with parents and caregivers in mind as the primary audience. each unit is designed to support what parents and caregivers already understand about children and deepen that knowledge with activities, videos, and handouts drawn from scientific research. [*these workshops recommended for parent education classes.] workshops include: communicating with infants copycats handling stress more info dollars & sense a program designed to teach as the business aspect of family child care. program consists of 12 separate one hour trainings that are generally presented 2 per session. you can take some or all workshops in any order. workshops include: child care provider bill of rights contracts and policies eliminate guilt rates, fees, and collection passive, aggressive, and assertive an effective record keeping system listening skills cash in, cash out - where do you stand? sharing unpleasant information with parents marketing strategies responsibilities of an assertive provider a professional business plan more info above are a sample of the types of trainings and workshops that have been provided. we can also provide a custom workshop for a variety of topics. simply contact us with the type and level of training that you are looking for, and we will talk about the availability of providing a custom class.
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